Employer DVM

Our process is simple.


If you are an Employer DVM seeking to hire a full-time or a part-time Employee DVM, you will be asked to

  • sign a Client-Employer engagement agreement with this firm,
  • complete a Prospective Employer DVM Questionnaire describing the position that you are seeking to fill,
  • remit a small Engagement Fee that will partially defray initial expenses of the search on your behalf,
  • preview information sent to you by DVM Recruiters about eligible Prospective Employee DVMs,
  • determine which, if any, of the submitted Prospective Employee DVMs you wish to interview,
  • make a timely decision in selection of the Prospective Employee DVM,
  • pay a modest Placement Fee upon hiring your Employee DVM.

Please contact us at any time if you have questions.


DVM RECRUITERS® is an affiliate of DVM CONSULTANTS®. Since 2008, DVM CONSULTANTS® has provided veterinary practice sales & acquisitions services, valuations, financing, business education, and advice and consultation to veterinarians. Active in five Southern states (AL, AR, LA, MS and TN) and in Colorado, DVM CONSULTANTS® has identified a need in the marketplace for a firm to provide for the recruitment and hiring of Associate DVMs.

or 504-258-5551


Positions available in Arkansas, Alabama, Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.