Corporate Buyers

DVM Consultants & Corporate Buyers


In recent years, the number of Corporate Buyers vying to acquire large veterinary practices has increased 10+ fold, and their direct marketing efforts have intensified to the point that there are almost no large-practice owners in our country who have not been directly contacted by numbers of Corporate Buyers. 

With the proliferation of Corporate Buyers in the marketplace, an increasing portion of our business is based on representing Sellers being pursued by Corporate Buyers. 

Through its comprehensive and consistent marketing programs, DVM Consultants® brings together Sellers and Buyers of veterinary practices. DVM Consultants® is an effective agent for confidentially communicating practice acquisition opportunities in the marketplace of veterinary professionals.


  • the business & financial knowledge, 
  • the competencies & talents, and 
  • the experience and expertise 

to effectively negotiate price for the best interest of our clientele. 

DVM CONSULTANTS® has gained much expertise in maximizing selling prices for our clients. 

  • We have a successful and effective strategy for working with Corporate Buyers. 
  • We procure higher acquisition prices from these Buyers than any Seller can achieve working directly with any Corporate Buyer. 

Every Corporate Buyer has extensive field-marketing and tele-marketing efforts underway. The larger & more successful Corporate Buyers have field-marketers persistently visiting larger-practice owners. All such efforts are very aggressive. 

Here’s why Corporate Buyers are so aggressive in their direct-contact marketing efforts: 

  • They know that they can get a lower price from a Seller when working directly with the Seller. 
  • They know that if the Seller is represented by DVM CONSULTANTS®, they will pay a higher price. 

We know what they do and how they do it, and we push for higher prices for our clientele. 

Sellers whom we have represented in sales to Corporate Buyers know this: 

DVM CONSULTANTS® procured a higher price for their practices than they ever thought or dreamed possible. 

As one Seller put it: 

“When selling my practice, I obtained the services of DVM Consultants. They collected the necessary financial information and appraised the business. They did all the leg work contacting potential corporate and individual buyers. The selling price exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend hiring them to sell your practice. Thank you so much for your due diligence and professionalism.

“My sincere appreciation for all your work and help with the sale of my practice. Your knowledge and professionalism were outstanding, and it was a pleasure to work with you.”

Doctor G.