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DVM Consultants® uses lender-industry standards of cash flow analysis and credit underwriting to determine the maximum financing that would be available for acquisition of the subject veterinary practice. Then it projects an estimated sales value for the subject under current capital market terms and conditions.

In performing the analysis, DVM Consultants® utilizes the subject’s tax returns and historical financial records to estimate its sustainable cash flow under new ownership and the adequacy of that cash flow to support a Buyer’s lifestyle needs and to satisfy acquisition debt payments required by capital providers.


If DVM Consultants® is engaged as broker to handle all details of an ownership transition, it will provide, as part of its array of services and at no additional fee, an estimate of current sales value based on previous two years tax returns, current year-to-date financials and site visitation.

If DVM Consultants® is not engaged as broker to handle details of the ownership transition, it will provide, for a fee, an estimate of current sales value as described above.

The first order of business in selling a veterinary practice is attracting viable buyers.  By serving as presenters and sponsors of state association C.E. meetings, DVM Consultants does just that—they attract the young veterinarians who are most likely to make the leap from dreamers to buyers.  Once that happens, and a good match is made, it’s simply a matter of lining up financing, and then leading the buyer and seller through the morass of lender red tape.  Ray Baas was masterful in taking my practice sale from  initial inquiry to closure.   I have nothing but accolades for DVM Consultants.
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