Practice Financing 

Up to 95% Veterinary Financing available.

Practice Financing 

Up to 95% Veterinary Financing available.


Veterinary Financing provided in


    • Alabama
    • Mississippi
    • Louisiana
    • Arkansas
    • Tennessee
    • Colorado

“DVM Consultants was invaluable in helping my buyer attain financing. Even with good credit and adequate down payment, there are incredible hoops to jump through with banks today. They made the process much easier and were well worth the fee.”

Doctor W


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Business capital and financing is readily available for veterinary transactions including:

  • Practice Acquisitions and Mergers
  • Practice Start-Ups
  • Practice Expansions
  • Practice Real Estate Acquisition or Refinancing

DVM Consultants® veterinary financing products offer:

  • Fast Friendly Service with preliminary approval usually in three days
  • Higher Loan Amounts & LTVs, if maximum financing is desired
  • Fixed or Floating Interest Rates at competitive market prices
  • Longer Repayment Terms, if extended terms are desired
  • Quick Final Approval & Closing
  • Minimum Transaction $450,000